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IVC filter patients are filing lawsuits

Many West Virginia residents have received IVC filters in their bodies in order to prevent blood clots from reaching their lungs. However, these devices have proven to be more harm than help, and doctors are reducing their usage. Patients who have been injured by IVC...

Top causes of motor vehicle accidents

If you suffered injuries in a car crash in Indiana, it's likely that there was some error on the other driver's part that led to it, in which case you could file a claim. Below are the leading causes of auto accidents nationwide. Distractions and excessive speed...

Righting wrongs for elders

People in Indiana should be aware that many of society's elders face hardships. These can be legacies from the past or related to the physical troubles that come with aging. They can also be related to mistreatment in the present. Sadly, nursing home neglect is a real...

Indiana motorcycle crash statistics

We at Sweeney Julian understand that motorcycle riders in Indiana are at a disadvantage compared to other people on the road. Not only are you relatively unprotected when you climb on your motorcycle, even with the best safety gear and helmet, you also are subject to...