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3 common mistakes people make after a slip-and-fall at a store

On Behalf of | Jul 8, 2024 | Personal Injury |

People can lose their balance and fall when at a store for all kinds of reasons. Leaking refrigeration equipment, tripping hazards in grocery store aisles and even poorly-placed rugs could lead to someone falling and getting hurt.

Unfortunately, many people involved in slip-and-fall incidents don’t take the right steps afterward. They make mistakes that leave them vulnerable to worsening medical challenges and financial losses. Those who learn from the common mistakes made by others can potentially avoid making those same errors if they get hurt at a business.

Immediately leaving the scene of the incident

People who slip and fall in public often notice what caused the incident relatively quickly. Whether they slipped in a puddle or tripped over a power cord, there may be obvious hazards present that caused the incident. Too often, people leave the scene of a slip-and-fall and then cannot prove what caused them to fall later. A mobile phone can help someone document what caused the slip-and-fall so that they can hold the business accountable for their losses later.

Failing to report the matter to a manager

Those hurt at businesses usually also need to notify the business. They do so by advising the manager on duty of what happened. They may have to complete and sign an incident report affirming what happened and other details of the situation. Failing to file an internal report does not necessarily prevent someone from seeking compensation later/ Still, the lack of internal records of the incident could make it harder for someone to get the compensation they deserve.

Choosing not to see a doctor

People who don’t understand the injuries they could develop might leave after a slip-and-fall without seeing a medical professional. They may then notice concerning signs of a potential injury later. A traumatic brain injury, for example, often takes days if not weeks to produce any concerning symptoms. The more time that passes between an incident and someone’s diagnosis, the harder it may be for them to hold the business accountable later. People may want to see a doctor in case they have a stable fracture or a soft tissue injury that might worsen.

People hurt due to unsafe property conditions may qualify for compensation that pays for their medical care and replaces their lost wages. Learning how to respond to a slip and fall before one occurs can help people protect their health and their legal rights after an injury.