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Can you reduce the odds of being re-ended?

On Behalf of | Feb 28, 2024 | Personal Injury |

Rear-end car accidents often feel unavoidable for the front driver. Even if they see that the driver behind them isn’t going to stop in time, they may be stuck in traffic or sitting at a red light, and there’s nowhere for them to go.

That said, there are some steps you may be able to take in advance to lower the odds that you’ll be rear-ended by another driver. This doesn’t guarantee that you won’t, of course, but it can help to increase your statistical safety.

Let tailgaters pass

First and foremost, if someone is tailgating you, try to let them pass. You may have to slow down or even move over to the side of the road. But your goal should always be to get a tailgater to pass because they drastically increase the chances of a rear-end accident.

Buy the right color vehicle

Some studies have found that white cars are much safer than black or gray cars because they don’t blend into the pavement. So the color of the vehicle that you choose could play a role in how visible you are to drivers around you.

Understand necessary stopping distances

One important thing to keep in mind is that some vehicles have longer stopping distances. For instance, semi-trucks have a stopping distance of over 500 feet, which is roughly 200 feet longer than the average distance needed by a passenger car. So rear-end accidents will sometimes happen when the front driver accidentally cuts off a semi-truck, believing they have enough space.

Unfortunately, even if you avoid these dangerous situations and utilize these safety tips, you could still be injured by a negligent driver. If so, take the time to look into your legal options to seek financial compensation.