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Bedsores can stem from nursing home neglect

On Behalf of | Feb 16, 2024 | Personal Injury |

Nursing home negligence is a critical issue that can lead to various adverse health outcomes for residents, including bedsores. These injuries occur when prolonged pressure cuts off circulation to vulnerable areas of the body. This leads to tissue damage or death.

Bedsores typically develop in individuals who are immobile, unable to change positions without assistance or have medical conditions that limit blood flow. The primary cause is sustained pressure on the skin, especially over bony areas like the hips, heels, elbows and tailbone. Shear, friction and moisture can also contribute to the development of bedsores. These are the risks when residents aren’t regularly moved, repositioned or kept dry and clean.

Stages of bedsores

The severity of bedsores is classified into four stages that reflect the depth and extent of tissue damage:

  • Stage I: The earliest stage characterized by a superficial wound that’s red, non-blanching skin that may feel warm, hard or swollen
  • Stage II: Involves partial-thickness skin loss, appearing as a blister, abrasion or shallow crater that’s painful
  • Stage III: Full-thickness skin loss resulting in a deep, open wound that exposes the fat layer beneath the skin and is prone to infection
  • Stage IV: Full-thickness skin and tissue loss that’s hard to heal, reveals muscle, bone or tendons and can lead to life-threatening infections

Nursing home negligence can directly contribute to the development and progression of bedsores. Victims of negligence who end up with bedsores may opt to pursue a compensation claim. State law limits how long they have to make this claim, so swift action is critical.