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3 ways a brain injury can change someone’s life

On Behalf of | Nov 7, 2023 | Personal Injury |

Any injury acquired in a car crash or a fall can result in significant personal consequences, but some tend to be worse than others. Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) are some of the most expensive injuries that people may develop. Someone who hits their head after falling in a grocery store or hurts their brain during a car crash might have a TBI that forever alters the way they interact with the world.

Brain injuries can generate a broad range of different physical symptoms and numerous financial consequences as well. TBIs can have a permanent, negative impact on someone’s life. Why are they so challenging for people to handle?

Mood and personality

One of the more distressing consequences of a TBI is how a brain injury can forever change someone’s personality. They may go from an amiable, outgoing jokester to an introvert who really speaks. Their overall mood may also shift. Researchers have found that there is a type of depression that people sometimes develop after a TBI that is physiologically distinct from more generic forms of depression. A TBI could therefore affect someone’s closest relationships and reduce their overall quality of life.

Employment consequences

Every brain injury is different from the next. Some people notice memory issues, while other people develop issues with fine motor skills or equilibrium. An individual’s neurology and the type of injury they suffer will determine what symptoms they develop. People in all professions, ranging from blue-collar workers to corporate executives, may find that they can no longer work in the same way they did before their injury. Personality changes that accompany a TBI can affect someone’s job performance. The physical manifestations of the injury may also influence their capabilities. Add the need for ongoing medical care to the mix, and that becomes a recipe for some people will never be able to work again.

Financial burdens

Enduring career setbacks and needing to undergo major medical care can take someone who was once financially comfortable and put them in a very difficult position. They may not be able to meet all of their pre-existing financial obligations. They may also struggle to cover the expenses directly related to their TBI.

The average person coping with the consequences of a brain injury after a car crash will quickly realize that insurance coverage is not adequate given the challenges they’re facing. People may need to a pursue personal injury lawsuit against a property owner or driver who directly caused their injury in order to cover their losses. Identifying how a TBI will affect someone’s life may help people demand justice for the injuries and losses they have incurred.