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What to do if you slip and fall in the supermarket

On Behalf of | May 18, 2023 | Personal Injury |

Slip-and-fall accidents happen in Indiana and other locales, sometimes in unexpected locations like the supermarket. Experiencing a slip or fall while grocery shopping can result in serious injuries, medical care and treatment bills and emotional distress. While each case is different, you may have grounds for a slip-and-fall claim.

Frequency of grocery store injuries

Slip-and-fall accidents happen often while shopping, and numerous personal injury claims arise each year because of these accidents. It is essential to know that, although you may feel uncomfortable or embarrassed about falling while doing a routine task such as grocery shopping, you are not alone. Understanding how often these accidents happen can help provide reassurance and motivate you to explore the options regarding your accident.

You do not have to fall inside the store

Some shopping center patrons feel that if they had a slip-and-fall accident outside, on slippery pavement for example, they do not have grounds for a legal claim. However, the property owner is legally obligated to keep the grounds safe whether your accident happens in the parking lot or inside the store. This requirement means that accidents due to inadequate lighting, uneven pavement, icy patches or similar issues can be pursued via a legal claim.

You do not have to make a purchase to sue

According to premises liabilty law, if you have had a slip-and-fall accident on the property of a grocery store, the basis for your legal claim comes from the property owner’s negligence. It does not depend on any contractual relationship between you and the store, such as a requirement to purchase goods. If the store neglected to provide a safe environment and it caused you to have an accident, you have the right to seek compensation for the injuries you sustained.

Seriousness of the injury

If you experienced an accident at the grocery store and have only minor injuries, this fact does not negate your ability to seek compensation for your injuries. Even if you did not require hospitalization and only needed to visit your doctor or experienced some pain after your fall, you may still have a valid claim for damages. The impact of a fall can affect more physically vulnerable people, such as older people, in more significant ways. Although everything seemed fine initially, the fall may have delayed, yet significant, health impacts.

By understanding the nature of slip-and-fall incidents and how commonly they happen at grocery stores, you can advocate for your legal rights. Each incident is unique, so it is important to understand how the law applies in your situation.