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Red light turns could harm pedestrians

On Behalf of | Mar 13, 2023 | Personal Injury |

Sometimes, a driver will come to a complete stop at a red light in Indiana and make a right-hand turn they assume is legal. The driver could regret the decision when it results in an accident. Although a pedestrian may have the right of way at an intersection, an aggressive or distracted driver could make a turn without noticing the person. Fatal accidents could result in such situations.

Banning turns on red lights

A state could change its laws to make right-hand turns on red illegal. It is common to see signs that say no turning on red is allowed. Some states are now considering outright banning turns on red lights entirely. Concerns about pedestrian and bicyclist safety factor into these legislative decisions.

Many drivers forget that they should not turn red unless the intersection is clear. Some drivers may take that for granted and turn out of habit. Other drivers could be more reckless and try to quickly turn before a bicyclist, pedestrian or scooter rider enters the intersection. A driver’s impatience could result in an innocent person’s death.

Negligence and turning on red

Not looking before turning and entering an intersection while pedestrians and bicyclists are in a vehicle’s path could be negligent behavior. Not coming to a complete stop at the red light or ignoring a no-turn-on-red sign would be clearer examples of negligence. Drivers who cause vehicle-inflicted pedestrian and bike accidents as a result may face substantial liability claims.

A motor vehicle could cause significant harm to the human body because of its weight and mass. Since pedestrians and bicyclists don’t have the same protections as people inside motor vehicles, their chances of fatal injuries are high.