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How new motorcycle riders can avoid making common deadly mistakes

On Behalf of | Aug 17, 2021 | Personal Injury |

Riding a motorcycle in Indiana can offer you a sense of freedom and excitement like you’ve never experienced before. However, as a new rider, it’s important to stay safe while learning the ropes.

Not wearing protective gear

Not wearing protective gear while riding is a huge mistake that many new riders make. The right gear can protect you from potential road hazards and windburn. It can also better protect you in the event of motorcycle accidents. You should wear long pants, a jacket, sturdy boots and a helmet.

Not wearing a helmet that covers your entire face

If you don’t wear a helmet that covers your entire face, you can suffer serious injuries. Debris can fly into your eyes and blind you, which might cause you to lose control of your motorcycle and have an accident. A full-face helmet is important as it prevents debris from going into your face and helps to shield your entire head in the event of an accident.

Entering a corner at too fast a speed

It’s often tempting to ride your motorcycle at faster speeds, but this can be especially dangerous if you’re entering a corner while doing it. You may even automatically hit the brake too quickly on instinct, a practice that can easily result in very serious personal injury and even prove fatal. Slow down if you’re going to make a turn and ease off the gas slightly. Avoid sudden braking and don’t panic.

Listening to music while riding

Riding a motorcycle requires focus. As a result, you should avoid listening to music while riding, especially as a new rider. Music can easily lead to distraction, which might cause an accident. You need to hear everything around you while on the road. Save the music for safer places like home or your car.

It’s essential to avoid these dangerous mistakes that many beginner motorcycle riders make. By looking out for your own safety, you have a better chance of avoiding accidents.