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Pedestrian safety issues in city planning

On Behalf of | Jun 24, 2021 | Personal Injury |

Just like bicycles and cars, pedestrians need their designated area where they can walk with no interference. Pedestrian safety has become a complex issue across the country and in Indiana.

Where do pedestrian accidents occur?

Low visibility is a leading threat to pedestrian safety. Most pedestrian accidents happen at night or when there’s fog or rain. Additionally, most pedestrian and bike accidents occur mid-block and rarely happen at controlled intersections. However, a small percentage of accidents happen on the roadside, between the intersection and at parking lots.

How do pedestrian accidents happen?

A high number of pedestrian accidents occur when pedestrians unexpectedly dart to the highways. It’s a typical behavior in rural areas and busy cities. In cities, a high number of vehicles travel at high speeds. However, since most cities are economic hubs, they draw a lot of pedestrians. Parking lots have a lot of pedestrians and vehicles that make unpredicted movements. Since pedestrians and vehicles share proximity, there’s a chance one might misjudge the other resulting in an accident.

How to ensure pedestrian safety

Education helps curb some pedestrian behaviors and reduce their vulnerability. However, urban planners also need to encourage safety by:

• Adding crosswalks – Pedestrians have the right of way when they have their lane. Zebra crossings are essential when located at uncontrolled intersections
• Ensuring adequate illumination – Since most accidents happen due to low visibility, lighting streets is essential in ensuring pedestrian safety.
• Adding bollards – Bollards are barriers used to guide traffic. If used in parking lots, they’ll help separate pedestrians from the parked vehicles.

An attorney plays a significant role in attaining compensation after a pedestrian accident. An attorney can help gather the details about the incident and help file a personal injury claim.