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Safety features might only do so much for a driver

On Behalf of | Aug 20, 2020 | Personal Injury |

The development of modern car safety features may provide enormous benefits to those wishing to avoid mishaps in Indiana. A blind-spot monitor may help prevent crashes thanks to corresponding detections and alerts. However, few modern safety features can effectively limit distracted driving. Someone who texts while driving probably can’t expect a technological alert to improve safety. In fact, some researchers are wondering if safety features can actually contribute to distracted driving.

A parking-assist feature may provide a beep that warns drivers if they are about to bump into another vehicle. In tight parking lots or crammed urban streets, such an alert seems valuable. But what happens if constant and, possibly, unnecessary beeping occurs? The beep could draw the driver’s attention to a particular direction, leaving their attention away from another area. Ironically, the alert could face blame for a distraction-caused accident.

Another issue arises when drivers become too reliant on safety features. Some might try and leave all the safety responsibilities to the manufacturer-provided technology. A driver might “appreciate” the blind-spot monitor so much that they do not look when changing lanes. Behavior along these lines may fall under the description of negligence.

Studies do show crash avoidance systems could potentially cut down on accidents. Injuries, deaths and property damage might invariably drop when the number of car accidents decreases. That said, drivers must do their part, too. For example, a driver who refuses to repair worn brakes could be driving a hazardous vehicle. No manufacturer’s safety feature can repair worn-out brakes. Such drivers put themselves at risk for a lawsuit.

Distracted driving contributes to many auto accidents in the United States. While it may seem odd that safety features might cause distractions, drivers should be mindful of the possibility. After all, distracted driving is considered negligence, which could lead to a personal injury claim.