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Truck Accidents

Commercial trucks are everywhere. From the Indiana Toll Road that goes through LaPorte, South Bend, Mishawaka, and Elkhart, to the U.S. 31 Bypass that leads through South Bend, Lakeville, and Plymouth, it's impossible to travel without sharing the road with them. We can't live without them; experts agree that our economy would grind to a halt without these trucks on the roads 24 hours a day.

Every week, hundreds of people are killed or injured in truck crashes throughout the country. Despite these numbers, the trucking industry continues to fight for fewer regulations. These companies want to loosen rules on how they maintain and drive the trucks that share the road with your family.

Every year, the regulations that govern commercial trucks get weaker. Every year, cash-strapped state and federal inspectors have less money and fewer personnel available to monitor trucks as they travel down our highways.

Standing with You Against the Trucking Company

Most trucking companies have procedures in place to protect their financial interests if one of their drivers or trucks causes an accident. Investigators will be immediately dispatched to the scene of the collision. Evidence will be gathered and moved from the scene of the collision. The investigators will take photographs and interview witnesses immediately. Often, before a family is even informed that a loved one was in an accident, the trucking company's investigators are on the scene making sure that every piece of evidence that could help their case is secured.

Evidence is important in all cases but especially so in commercial truck cases. Trucking companies are governed by complex federal regulations. Finding and preserving driver logs, truck maintenance records, and truck "black box" data can be critical to the successful prosecution of a personal injury case. If this evidence is not gathered immediately, it is often lost forever; therefore, if you do not act quickly and have your own investigators on the scene, your case could be irreparably damaged.

Soon after a truck accident, you may be approached by a representative of the trucking company or its insurance company. These people are experts at putting people "at ease" about the future. They will approach you or your family when you are most vulnerable. They want you to give a statement or sign a release. This is very tempting when your only thought is how you are going to survive the immediate future. They know that lost wages, mounting medical bills, and the pain that comes from injuries can lead to enormous pressure to settle a case quickly. They also want to get information from you. Even if you don't sign a release, you may say something that could hurt your case. Without the advice of an experienced South Bend truck accident lawyer, it is very easy to do irreparable damage to your case.

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