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People never expect that the negligence or recklessness of another driver could devastate their lives, taking away everything they have worked for or love. The sad truth is that every day hundreds of car accidents occur in Indiana, and despite increases in automobile safety, thousands of people are killed or injured on the road every year. At Sweeney Julian PC, we are dedicated to helping car accident victims in South Bend recover the compensation they deserve.

Who will represent you?

Indiana requires every driver to have insurance on their vehicle. A driver's insurance company is immediately going to shift into high gear when it finds out that a crash has occurred. The company will have investigators and insurance adjusters at the scene immediately. The goal of the company's investigation is to gather every shred of evidence, especially evidence that helps the wrongdoer evade responsibility.

Furthermore, the insurance company will hire its own attorneys to represent the person who caused the accident. The insurance company's attorney will be there, fighting for the rights of the person who caused the collision. Even at trial, the person who caused the accident will usually have an attorney who is paid by the insurance company. These insurance companies have the resources to fight all the way to a jury verdict.

Our attorneys know how to investigate and prepare a car wreck case. We know what evidence is important and how to make sure it is safely secured. We know how to fight to recover damages for the injuries to your body and the damage done to your life.

What to Do After a Car Accident

If you were injured in a collision, you should be thoroughly examined by a trusted physician as soon as possible after the collision. You want to be truthful and tell your doctor every pain or problem that you are having, even if it is minor. Remember that many times injuries that seem small after the shock and adrenaline rush of a motor vehicle collision can turn into painful and debilitating injuries in the hours and days following a collision.

You should also have someone you trust take pictures of the cars involved and the accident scene. Use a film camera, not digital, to take multiple pictures of the cars involved in the collision. A Kodak Max disposable camera is an extremely reliable camera to use for this purpose. When taking pictures of the cars, pretend there is a clock dial around the car. Take pictures from the 12:00 position, 1:00 position, 2:00 position, and so on. You should end up with 12 good pictures showing a 360-degree view of the car. Use the rest of the camera to take pictures of the damaged areas of the car, including damage to the interior, air bag deployment, and the undercarriage of the car.

Use a second camera to take pictures of injured parts of your body. Cuts, bruises, road rash, and other injuries need to be documented. Remember, spending $15 on pictures can go a long way to helping a jury understand your case. You can never have too many. Don't wait to use the whole roll of film before you get the pictures developed. If you wait, you may find out that the pictures did not come out well. If two weeks have gone by, those wounds may look completely different. It will then be too late to get pictures to show the jury. Take pictures, use the whole roll, and have someone get them developed the same day. This way, if the pictures do not come out, you can immediately take new pictures. If your injuries are severe, it is critical to have a professional legal photographer take pictures to document the evidence for a jury.

Retain an experienced car accident attorney in South Bend!

Don't trust your insurance company to take pictures or do anything else related to your case. Even your own insurance company is not legally allowed to act as your attorney. They have their own interests in mind, and those interests may not align with your own. In fact, you can be confident that any insurance company that contacts you after an accident has only one primary goal in mind: paying you as little as possible.

It is always best to immediately seek the advice of an experienced South Bend personal injury lawyer before you make any decision in your case. That same attorney can start an investigation to preserve evidence needed to win your case. Insurance companies will have teams of investigators, lawyers, and doctors to help them win their case.

At Sweeney Julian, we limit our practice to injured people. We do not represent insurance companies. We know how to investigate and prepare automobile crash cases. The insurance companies know us, and we know them.

Put our team to work for you. Call the team at Sweeney Julian today to schedule your free case consultation.

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