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At Sweeney Julian, our team of dedicated legal professionals is committed to fighting for the best interests of the men and women we represent. If you were injured in a serious accident caused by someone else's negligence or irresponsibility - of if a member of your family was the victim - then you are likely entitled to compensation.

We want to fight for justice and deserved restitution on your behalf! Each South Bend personal injury attorney at our Indiana law firm is prepared to advocate for you and counsel you regarding any of the following matters, among others:

Truck Accidents
Large commercial trucks carry the potential to seriously injure other motorists on Indiana roadways. If you or someone close to you was severely hurt or even killed in an accident involving a big commercial vehicle, you should contact a South Bend truck accident lawyer from our firm to learn about the restitution to which you could be entitled.

Brain Injuries
Victims of traumatic brain injuries may not even be aware that they have been hurt until days or even weeks after the incident; however, these injuries can be more debilitating than perhaps any other type of injury. If you or someone close to you received a serious head injury as a result of an accident caused by another individual's irresponsibility or misconduct, you could be entitled to damages and even punitive compensation.

Car Accidents
If you have been injured in a car accident, it is important to take steps to protect yourself by securing plenty of photographic documentation of the incident along with immediate medical treatment for any damage sustained. Our attorneys can help you take the steps you need to secure deserved restitution if you were hurt in a collision caused by a negligent driver.

Burn Injuries
Burns are among the most serious, painful, and expensive injuries a person can sustain. These injuries can be caused by many situations, including car accidents, gas explosions, scalding water, electrical accidents, household fires, industrial fires, gasoline spills, and much more. It is very important to consult a lawyer if you or someone in your family has been burned in a serious accident.

Bicycle Accidents
Drivers of motor vehicles must take caution to share the road with bicyclists. Unfortunately, this does not always happen. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission reports that more than 700 people nationwide are killed in motor vehicle accidents involving bicycles every year - and an additional 650,000 people receive emergency room treatment. Over half of these victims are under the age of 18.

Carbon Monoxide Injuries
Carbon monoxide gas is produced by a number of everyday items such as hot water heaters, cars, wood stoves, fireplaces, kitchen appliances, barbeque grills, lawn mowers, and boats. If inhaled in sufficient amounts, however, this odorless and colorless gas can cause serious injury or even prove deadly. Almost 5,000 U.S. residents are killed - and another 10,000 are injured - by carbon monoxide poisoning every year.

Gas Explosions
Gas explosions can happen in buildings, unconfined spaces, open process areas, and even inside equipment and piping. Common - and avoidable - causes include ignored gas leaks and cheap gas tanks. If you or someone you know was hurt or killed in a catastrophic gas explosion, talk to a South Bend personal injury lawyer from our firm.

Drunk Driver Injuries
Every year, thousands of Americans are hurt or killed in traffic accidents involving drivers who were operating under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Too many innocent people are forced to pay for the indiscretion of negligent drivers with their finances, their well-being, and even their lives. If you have been injured by a drunk driver, do not hesitate to learn about the financial compensation you deserve so that you can get your life back.

Medical Malpractice
Every day, almost 300 United States residents are killed as a result of medical errors. Malpractice by healthcare professionals such as physicians, nurses, X-ray technicians, and others is a serious problem. It is important to move quickly to secure the restitution you deserve if you have been seriously hurt in a medical malpractice incident.

Fractures, Slips, Falls
Bone fractures are very serious and can occur in any number of ways, including because of defective products, car accidents, workplace injuries, criminal assaults, falls caused dangerous property conditions, and more. If you sustained a bone fracture in an accident due to another individual's negligence, you should not hesitate to hire a dedicated lawyer who can fight for your rights in court.

Mesothelioma Claims
Mesothelioma is a form of lung cancer that has been associated to exposure to asbestos. Even though asbestos was a known hazardous material, many companies continued to use it in the making of their products and buildings. If you have been diagnosed with mesothelioma and asbestos is to blame, the time to start exploring your legal options is now.

Motorcycle Accidents
Because motorcyclists have less protection than the drivers of standard motor vehicles, they are more susceptible to injuries in the event of a traffic collision. If you were hurt in an accident, you should learn about your legal rights and how you may be entitled to compensation. Begin to protect yourself by documenting the scene of the accident. Our attorneys explain the proper procedure involved in filing a claim or lawsuit for damages.

Negligent Security
In the state of Indiana, property owners are responsible for exercising reasonable care to keep their land safe for visitors, guests, and tenants. If security was insufficient and this was a contributing factor in an injury you suffered on the property - such as a slip and fall accident, rape, abduction, or robbery - you may be entitled to compensation. We are here to help you, so call Sweeney Julian today.

Premises Liability
Do not hesitate to receive immediate medical attention if you were injured in a slip and fall accident or in an incident involving a fallen tree, lead poisoning, toxic chemical exposure, vicious dog bite, broken railings, unmarked steps, bad lighting, overgrown landscaping, or some other hazard on another individual's property. We are prepared to fight for the compensation you deserve under Indiana premises liability law.

Nursing Home Injuries
It is an unfortunate reality that too many people's elderly loved ones are hurt, abused, or neglected at the hands of the very people trusted to care for their needs. If you or someone close to you was abused or neglected in their permanent care residence, you need to take legal action - both for your sake and for all of the other residents in the home.

Insurance Company Secrets
With years of experience under our belts, the highly respected attorneys at Sweeney Julian have learned the secrets that the insurance companies do not want you to know. The overarching motivation of insurance companies is to pay out as little as possible. At our firm, we want to support you and fight for your interests. We know how to ensure that our clients receive the fair, just treatment they deserve.

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